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Institute for Mindfulness-Based Approaches (IMA)

    The Institute for Mindfulness-Based Approaches (IMA) is the oldest training institute for mindfulness-based approaches on the European Continent. It was founded in 2001 by Dr. Linda Lehrhaupt, who continues to serve as its executive director.

    With its commitment to excellence, the IMA has been a standard bearer both in Europe and internationally for the development of teacher trainings in mindfulness-based programs. The institute’s faculty are among the most experienced and longstanding trainers in Europe and represent ten countries.

    IMA Offerings


    Mindfulness Retreat in Norway with Linda Lehrhaupt, 24 .- 29. June 2022 Retreat organized and offered by Creationwork

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    MBSR Teacher-Training Poland (PL_9)

    MBSR Teacher Training in Warsaw, Poland beginning FALL 2022

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    MBSR Teacher Training in France (FR_8)

    Programme de formation d’instructeur MBSR en France de novembre 2021 à janvier 2023 (Deux-Sèvres)

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    MBSR Teacher Training Norway (NOR_6)

    MBSR Teacher Training in Oslo, Norway beginning Feb. 2022

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    MBSR Turkey (TR_1)

    MBSR Teacher Training in Istanbul, Turkey beginning Nov. 2021

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    Retreat Turkey

    Mindfulness Meditation Retreat in Turkey in English with Turkish Translation 14. - 19. June 2022 Amir Imani Senior Meditation Teacher (IMA)

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    Research on  MBCL: Four Studies Show Promising Results

    Research on MBCL: Four Studies Show Promising Results

    There is an increasing amount of research showing the beneficial effects of compassion-based interventions for our physical, emotional and relational health. Supportive evidence for Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living has been published in various scientific publications (Bartels-Velthuis et al. 2016; Krieger et al. 2016; Schuling et al. 2017; Ondrejková et al. 2020). Two recent controlled trials showed significant health benefits in a clinical population with recurrent depression who followed MBCL after MBCT (Schuling et al., 2020) and a non-clinical population who followed an online adaptation of MBCL (Krieger et al. 2019).

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    The World Needs You

    The World Needs You

    A talk by Dr. Linda Lehrhaupt to graduates of an MBSR teacher-training program

    The last sessions of some of our MBSR teacher-training programs took place during the Covid 19 pandemic in late spring 2020. And for the first time, we were holding the trainings online; a new experience for everyone. We were all enthusiastic how well things went, and the participants were especially happy because they had feared not being able to complete their training.

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    Mountains Don’t Run Away

    Mountains Don’t Run Away

    A Reflection and Guided Mindfulness Meditation

    In March 2020, my husband Norbert and I found ourselves unexpectedly locked-down in Spain when the borders closed. The lockdown regulations were extremely strict, forbidding any non-essential activity. We did not leave the grounds of our holiday home for two months, except occasional food-shopping trips. These were very early days of the pandemic, and we had little scientific information to rely on.
    Somewhat later, when solo walks were allowed in nature, my husband began taking long walks in the mountains near our home. Because of a foot injury, I could not join him. But I noticed how healing being in the mountains was for him, relieving much of the anxiety he was feeling. So I began to sit in our garden and practice mountain gazing. The more I did, the more I realized that the mountains were sitting with me.

    This audio is a live recording of a reflection and guided meditation which spontaneously arose one day.

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