IMA Cooperation Partners


Geist Reich – Mindfulness Coaching, Training and Consulting, is a contemporary consulting company with a focus on training and coaching. It offers a high-quality range of services for individuals and organizations in the core competency fields of Mindfulness, Compassion and Positive Psychology. The founder, owner and managing director, Klaus Kirkham, is a mindfulness practitioner since 2009 (training in Burma, among other places). He is an MBSR teacher, MBCL teacher and lecturer at the Institute for Mindfulness (IAS) and can look back on 15 years of experience working in various companies. His participation in study programs in Asia and his many travels around the world have given him a profound understanding of the rich ways and possibilities of different approaches to mindfulness and compassion, which today he shares in a pragmatic way.


Euthymia, founded and directed by Stéphane Faure, is a professional training institute in France offering courses in mindfulness since 2010. It has been collaborating with the IMA since 2016 in order to offer in French its MBSR, MBCL and MBCT teacher trainings. The offerings of Euthymia range from basic discovery of mindfulness practice to MBSR, silent retreats, various deepenings and professional trainings, whether in seminar houses or online.


The International Mindfulness Center Japan, directed by Kiyoko Inoue, a certified MBCL and MBCT teacher, was established to disseminate evidence-based mindfulness programs in Japan.

The IMCJ offers 8-week programs in MBSR, MBCT and MBCL) and will hold the first MBSR teacher training program in Japan in collaboration with the Institute for Mindfulness-Based Approaches (IMA), Germany. In addition, the center is creating an opportunity for people in Japan to connect to experienced mindfulness teachers and researchers from all over the world through practice groups and webinars. The center is playing a leading role in the development of mindfulness in Japan.


The Polish Mindfulness Institute

The Polish Mindfulness Institute is the only organization in Poland which certifies MBSR teachers and helps them grow through additional trainings like MBCL. We provide supervision, develop mindfulness programs for schools, provide workshops for businesses and promote mindfulness at events. We also support our certified teachers by

promoting their courses through our media channels.

The Polish Mindfulness Institute has been proudly partnered with IMA since 2010.


Mindcare - Academy for Mindfulness-Based Approaches

is an Istanbul - Turkey based organization for offering mindfulness-based programs, events, workshops, and professional teacher training programs. Our areas of mindfulness-based interventions include well-being for adults, children and adolescents, as well as schools and companies.

We would like to create opportunities for sharing mindfulness-based psychology with as many people as possible. We are motivated with the idea of bringing together world class mindfulness teachers, evidence-based curriculums, and a passionate team to teach mindfulness for mental and emotional well-being. We have the intention of linking mindfulness with body-based approaches to strive towards an integrative and multidisciplinary perspective.

Founded by Kıvılcım Kıran and Selin Ilgaz we share the values of open-mindedness, inclusivity, compassion, and personal growth. Facing the challenges of being human with resilience and compassion, empathy for our shared humanness and integrating all parts of ourselves with openness and acceptance are part of our everyday purpose. We seek to support each other and everyone our path crosses in this purpose.