What is Mindfulness?

The experience of mindfulness means to be present in one’s own life and to meet every moment as it really is – with all its richness, its joys and sorrows. What does this mean in practical terms? If you practise mindfulness, you’ll learn to be more aware of what is happening in the present moment with a kinder and less judging manner.

You will also experience being more at home in your body, with less of the fighting against or rejection of oneself that often occurs. Mindfulness is about nurturing a kinder and more generous attitude toward yourself and to the thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations that occur moment by moment.

Mindfulness does not mean developing a cold and distanced attitude. Rather it cultivates equanimity: the willingness to let everything be as it is and to be mindfully aware of what‘s coming and going. This can lead to experiencing not only a clear understanding of the forces in one’s life but also to a sense of stability in the face of it all.