Testimonials for the IMA’s International MBSR Teacher Training

The experience of the MBSR teacher training with the IMA near Berlin means for me the opportunity to re-confirm with humbleness that MBSR is a way in which I can help other people while continuing to develop my personal practice. During the first module of training I have had the revelation that MBSR is something really valuable that can enrich everybody’s life.

At IMA I found teachers who inspire me, who besides a good professional training, radiate through generosity.
IMA is an international environment favourable to the development of future MBSR teachers.

Violeta Marian
Corbeanca, Rumania

The MBSR teacher training at The Institute for Mindfulness-Based Approaches is an extremely detailed and well-elaborated course, designed to guide and support the students during all stages and aspects of the program.
To me, the most important feature of this course, and perhaps the one that will ensure that the quality and depth of the teachings will be maintained, is the emphases given to the actual embodiment of the practices we will be sharing as teachers. If on the one hand, we are given a thoroughly detailed study program, on the other, we are given the tools to make this profound and elegant work a part of our lives. In other words, although the program is preparing us to become teacher, it is actually teaching us to become students, life-long students.

Pedro Goucha Gomes

I can highly recommend the international MBSR teacher program that the IMA offers. What has been most helpful for me is the compact format, consisting of 4 weeklong seminars, along with training in small peer groups between the seminars via skype or ZOOM. The instructors are all highly qualified, and the seminars are well structured. During the program I have been able to connect with many other students of MBSR and build a solid professional network. This program is perfect if you live in a country where MBSR teacher training is not available, due to its compact structure which limits the need for overseas travel

Rasmus Glensbo
Nuussuaq, Greenland

The IMA’s MBSR international Teacher-Training Program is an intense and exceptional journey that makes me explore not only the territory of the subject itself but, above all, my own boundaries.
A very structured and well-designed course, consistent with modules and learning materials; also, with nice accommodation in beautiful surroundings.
Inspiring teachers and mentors, and supportive authentic group of colleagues helped me develop and improve as a person, and as a teacher.
I am grateful for the opportunity to have this extraordinary life-changing experience.

Dragana Djurdjanovic
Belgrade, Serbia

Becoming an MBSR teacher is a process for me. An outer process and an
inner process. I am very grateful that I can be guided through this
process by highly experienced teachers at the Institute for
Mindfulness-Based Approaches.
What I value the most about IMA’s International MBSR Teacher Training
is the international atmosphere, excellent teachers and great peers.
The course is perfectly organised and we are provided with high
quality materials for the preparation of our MBSR courses. In
addition, we are supported by supervision during our first MBSR
course. I warmly recommend this training to anyone who is considering
becoming an MBSR teacher.

Marta Dömöková

IMA’s international programme is for everyone who wants to deepen their own mindfulness practice and be well prepared for teaching MBSR. It attracts participants from Europe and beyond, who share the intention and take the journey together. The program offers a variety of teachers with different backgrounds. Each embodies the practice in a unique and skillful way.
I highly recommend this program that really takes you by the hand and provides you with a well-structured path. The rest is up to you ...

Rima Sa’ad-Hochreiter
Linz, Austria