MBCL-Teacher Training

Prerequisite for your journey with MBCL is a sound personal mindfulness practice - preferably through participation in an 8-week MBSR, MBCT or breathworks course – or a regular mindfulness practice of at least 1 year (± 1.5 hours of formal practice per week).

Based on this you are welcome to participate in one of the foundational experiential offerings (either online or residentially):

- MBCL Foundation Course (also named MBCL Introduction) - 3 days
- MBCL 8 Week Course (led by a certified MBCL teacher)
- MBCL Retreat - 6 days

These foundational offerings provide a thorough introduction to the practice of (self-)compassion and focus on letting you experience the exercises and method directly. They also provide a basic understanding of the content, the main themes and relevant scientific background of the MBCL programme.

Building on this you can then attend the MBCL Teacher Training. It is offered as postgraduate education for professionals already familiar with mindfulness pracitce.

To become a certified MBCL teacher one has to be a certified mindfulness (MBSR or MBCT) teacher. However many health care professionals, therapists, coaches or other professionals who are not certified mindfulness teachers can benefit from the Teacher Training to deepen mindfulness-based and compassion-focused interventions and enhance their therapeutic skills in individual or group work.