The World Needs You

A talk by Dr. Linda Lehrhaupt to graduates of an MBSR teacher-training program

The last sessions of some of our MBSR teacher-training programs took place during the Covid 19 pandemic in late spring 2020. And for the first time, we were holding the trainings online; a new experience for everyone. We were all enthusiastic how well things went, and the participants were especially happy because they had feared not being able to complete their training.

One thing Linda Lehrhaupt, founder and executive director of the IMA was personally grateful for in the online format was the opportunity to give a talk to graduating MBSR teachers. In this talk to students of the IMA’s international MBSR teacher training normally held near Berlin, Linda was able to share her thoughts on what is means to be an MBSR teacher.

Her inspiring and wise talk as one of the pioneers of MBSR in Europe sent the graduates on their way with confidence, a deepened sense of who they are as MBSR professionals and a sense of purpose.

“ The world needs you,” Linda says. “In times of confusion and fear, the world needs people like you who have committed themselves to the way of mindfulness and wish to share it with others. You are ambassadors of peace, steadiness, and heartfulness. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for choosing this work.”