MBCL stands for "Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living" and is a mindfulness-based program designed to cultivate compassion and self-compassion.

Read on to learn more about MBCL, to see what content is taught there and how you can become an MBCL teacher yourself.

What is MBCL?

MBCL is a mindfulness-based compassion training in the form of an 8-week course that supports the development and experience of compassion and thus promotes mental and physical health. MBCL was developed in 2007 by the Dutch psychiatrist and psychotherapist Dr. Erik van den Brink and the meditation teacher and psychiatric nurse Frits Koster.

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MBCL Teacher Training

The MBCL Foundation Course offers an intensive introduction to the practice of self-compassion and compassion. This is the prerequisite for teaching MBCL. Building on this, the MBCL Teacher Training can be attended.

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MBCL Online Foundation Course

International Online MBCL Foundation Course March 1 - April 5 2023 for mindfulness teachers, health care workers, therapists, coaches and other professionals with Jean-Daniel Rüedi PhD, certified MBSR and MBCL teacher.

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MBCL Online Teacher Training_2

International MBCL Online Teacher Training from October - December 2023 in English - Erik van den Brink

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Find an MBCL teacher near you

Please use the search function in order to find an MBCL teacher near you that trained with the IMA.

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„I have found it helpful to offer graduates of my mindfulness-based courses the opportunity to take part in the MBCL program. After all, compassion is, next to mindfulness, one of the most important factors in promoting stress reduction and preventing burnout.“