Mountains Don’t Run Away

A Reflection and Guided Mindfulness Meditation

In March 2020, my husband Norbert and I found ourselves unexpectedly locked-down in Spain when the borders closed. The lockdown regulations were extremely strict, forbidding any non-essential activity. We did not leave the grounds of our holiday home for two months, except occasional food-shopping trips. With my husband being in the highest risk-group possible (not only an elder but recently recovered from a massive heart attack, followed by severe pneumonia and lingering blood clots in the lungs), we were extremly vigilant, down to sterilizing every item purchased and washing immediately the clothes I wore at the supermarket. These were very early days of the pandemic, and we had little scientific information to rely on.
Somewhat later, when solo walks were allowed in nature, my husband began taking long walks in the mountains near our home. Because of a foot injury, I could not join him. But I noticed how healing being in the mountains was for him, relieving much of the anxiety he was feeling. So I began to sit in our garden and practice mountain gazing. The more I did, the more I realized that the mountains were sitting with me.

This video is a live recording of a reflection and guided meditation which spontaneously arose one day. There is no editing, either of the birds or the occasional car that passes by.

Now in July 2020, where the pandemic is surging in the USA, Brazil and India, and spikes occuring around the world, we need the wisdom of the mountains more than ever.

In the MBSR program, there is a mountain meditation created by Jon Kabat-Zinn, that supports steadiness, rootedness and resilience. My meditation is quite different, and yet some of the same things are there. And I particularly explore the theme of how to be with what is.

May you be safe. May you be well.

Linda Lehrhaupt