MBSR Teacher Training

From the beginning of its first MBSR teacher training program in 2002, the IMA has offered a cohort-oriented model, rather than individual modules. That means that students start together and train together throughout the entire duration of a program. This allows for continuity, building of close relationships among teachers and students, a developmental approach that emphasizes depth. Students have clarity about the training path and continual access to trainers and fellow students. We believe this kind of training is the most conducive to a nurturing of MBI teachers.

Over 50 MBSR teacher-training programs, with more than 1200 participants, have taken place since the IMA’s founding in 2001.

Important to know about our registration process:

Registration for the MBSR teacher-training program is generally only possible after the orientation seminar has taken place. If you cannot attend the orientation, please contact us to discuss alternatives. The same is true if the orientation has already taken place. In both cases it is still possible to apply to the program.

MBSR-MBCT teacher training in Greece

An MBSR-MBCT teacher training is being planned in Greece in and near Thessaloniki beginning in April 2018. The program will be in English. The training will not be translated into Greek. We are offering our program in cooperation with Elisavet Papadopoulou, a CBT Psychotherapist who is in training to teach with the IMA. Please contact her for more information.

Dates and other info will be available shortly.

Contact in Greece: Elisavet papadopoulou

E mail: elipap081@gmail.com