MBCL stands for Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living and is a mindfulness-based program designed to cultivate compassion and self-compassion. Read on to learn more about it, see what it teaches and how you can train as an MBCL teacher.

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„I have found it helpful to offer graduates of my mindfulness-based courses the opportunity to take part in the MBCL program. After all, compassion is, next to mindfulness, one of the most important factors in promoting stress reduction and preventing burnout.“

What is MBCL?

Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living (MBCL) is an 8-week course that teaches participants how to cultivate compassion and self-compassion. It was developed by Dr. Erik van den Brink, a psychiatrist, and MBSR teacher Frits Koster, who is also a Vipassana teacher and in his earlier life worked as a psychiatric nurse.

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MBCL Teacher Training

The MBCL teacher -training program has two parts: a foundation course and a certification training module.

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Dates and MBCL Course Locations

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Find an MBCL teacher near you

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