Zümra Atalay (Özyesil)



Associate Professor Dr. is the chair person of the Guidance and Psychological Counseling Department of MEF University in Istanbul, Turkey. She holds a doctorate in Guidance and Psychological Counselling. Her fields of study are mindfulness, self-compassion, personality, humor, social skills, depression, stress and stress management, anxiety, anger and anger management. Her articles have appeared in searched international indexes and national peer-reviewed journals, as abstracts in national and international congresses, and as book chapters. She is a graduate of the Institut für Achtsamkeit’s ’s MBSR-MBCT teacher-training program. In addition to her research and teaching at the university, she has established the Mindfulness Institute of Turkey. She maintains a mindfulness practice and teaches MBSR courses as well as organizing a number of trainings sessions and workshops.She is the author of various scientific publications as well as several articles on mindfulness.