Michael de Vibe



M.D. is a senior advisor at the Norwegian Center for the Health Services (Kunnskapssenteret). He is a medical doctor and a family therapist. He has an extensive background in general practice and family therapy and is a supervisor in family medicine. He has worked on quality improvement of health services since 1998. He has practiced mindfulness from his youth and took an MBSR instructor course at the CFM in 2002. He has developed and researched methods of mindfulness training and stress management, and has developed instructional material for this. He has taught this at college level since 2003 and held courses for many different health institutions. He has completed a Ph.D. studying mindfulness training for medical and psychology students in a two-centre randomized trial with long-term follow-up. In 2007-8 he ran an instructor course for mindfulness teachers at a university hospital in the north of Norway.