Mindfulness Meditation Retreat

22 – 27 October 2017


Dr. Linda Lehrhaupt
IMA Founder and Executive Director
Retreat Assistance: Bodil Framnes

At Sillongen Toten Hotel
2846 Bøverbru, Norway

What the retreat includes:
  • Extended practice in mindfulness exercises such as the body scan, gentle yoga, sitting meditation
  • Some sessions in mindful movement, led by Linda, that explore themes such as beginner’s mind and basic trust.
  • Individual interviews with Linda
  • A daily talk on themes related to mindfulness practice
  • At all other times, mindful silence will be practiced
Language of the retreat:

The retreat will mainly be conducted in English. The yoga sessions will be held in Norwegian, as well as some guided meditations.

Requirement to participate in the retreat
  • Participants should have experience in mindfulness meditation. This might include (but is not limited to):
  • participation in an 8 week course on MBSR, MBCT, or other mindfulness program.
  • Regular practice in a meditation form that includes silent sitting meditation.
  • Participation in NTNU’s one-year mindfulness training or other mindfulness training
  • Self-taught silent , sitting meditation experience but practicing regularly for at least one year.

The retreat provides an excellent opportunity for teachers of mindfulness to deepen their practice with a senior mindfulness teacher
Participation in this retreat fulfills the retreat requirement for joining the IMA-NTNU teacher-training program in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, which will begin in Fall 2018.



NOK 5350.- p.p. d-rom inkl. helpensjon.
NOK 6250.- p.p. e-rom inkl. helpensjon.

Teaching fee:

Euro 300,- p.p.

Deadline for registration: 10. Sept. 2017

The retreat will be held with a minimum of 15 participants. We must receive this minimum
number of registrations by Sept. 10, otherwise we will have to cancel the retreat to avoid
penalties from the hotel.
If you wish to participate, please register as soon as possible.

Please DOWNLOAD the detailed information and registration form